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Men's Health

As men pass the age of 30, they start to produce less testosterone. This condition of abnormally producing low testosterone levels is called andropause. When there is a rapid decline in a person with a pre-existing low testosterone level, symptoms may occur sooner than expected and be a cause for concern.


What consequences may be observed in a man with low testosterone?

  • Emotional, psychological and behavioral change

  • Decreased muscle strength

  • Decreased gym results

  • Increased upper and central body fat

  • Lethargy

  • Osteoporosis

  • Increased cardiovascular risk Osteoporosis




Testosterone replacement therapy is a relatively painless procedure. Once we evaluate your testosterone levels, you will have a choice of injectable testosterone or oral buccal troches. These therapies are designed to supplement your body’s production of hormones. The frequency of injections or oral buccal troches is individually designed to help you become compliant. Most men start feeling better within three weeks of beginning the therapy.

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