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Reaching Out to the Sun

Our Mision

Revitalife Health Spa strives to restore every person’s health to a better state. Over time – be it due to lifestyle, daily stress of life, or progression of age, we often deter our health and well-being. Physiologically, every vital being is alive, strong, and flourishing.

At Revitalife Health Spa, it is our mission to assist and support you to recover from your deterioration and to help you manage and maintain your health. By doing this, we seek to RECHARGE and ultimately help you become active, healthy, energetic, and feel totally REJUVENATED. We believe that with our collaborative efforts, we can revitalize your health, well-being, and LIFE at large.


Revitalife Health Spa is a premier care and body treatment service provider. We understand that life can be stressful sometimes, so we want to help you relax and let go of all the tension and toxins in your body and skin. That is what we are here for. We are truly passionate about helping you achieve the glow you want for your body and skin. With the countless skin care and body treatments that we have, you get to pick the product that best suits your skin and body needs.

We also have health experts and therapists who can help you make the best product choices. We constantly aim to recharge, rejuvenate, and recover the integrity of your skin which can ultimately help you in achieving optimum health.


To hold a reservation, you must provide a valid credit card number with an expiration date. This applies even if you intend to pay with a gift certificate. We will not charge your card unless you miss your appointment, at which time you will be charged the cancellation fee for the service requested.

Life can be busy and full of the unexpected, so if you must cancel your treatment, be sure to give us 24-hour notice. Otherwise you will be charged a cancellation/no show fee of $30.

In order to ensure a safe, relaxing environment for all of our guests, we ask that our clients abide by the following policies:

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment. Arriving early allows you to transition from the outside world to the tranquility of the spa. You may also fill out paperwork and change into a robe provided prior to your treatment. Arriving late cheats you out of valuable treatment time. If you arrive late, your treatment will still end on time in consideration of the next client.

We ask all of our clients:

  • For the safety and comfort of our guests and staff: babies, toddlers, and children are not permitted to accompany an adult during service. We are happy to reschedule your reservation to a date and time that childcare is secured.

  • Children ages 17 and under must have a parent or guardian in the spa throughout the duration of their treatment. The client and the parent/guardian must also provide written consent before any services commence.

  • All guests must keep all conversations to a relaxed, non-disruptive level.

  • ReVitaLife reserves the right to terminate any service at any point.​

Gratuity Policy
As a spa guest, we know you want to show appreciation for the quality service provided by our awesome practitioners. Gratuities range between 15 and 20 percent of the treatment price, but we always respect your tipping decisions.

Payment Options
Revitalife Health Spa accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and cash. We do not accept personal checks.

Return and Refund Policy
No refunds on services or products. Unopened, unused products may be returned within 30 days for a gift certificate for the balance of the original payment.

Intake Forms
To save time and make the most of your visit, we encourage you to fill out intake forms before you arrive. Upon each visit, please open the email you receive from ReVitaLife and access your forms online prior to your visit with us.

Cell Phones 
Revitalife Health Spa is a tranquil retreat, and we want to create an atmosphere that allows all our clients to escape from the world outside. In consideration of others, please refrain from talking on your cell phone inside the spa. All cell phones must be in silent mode or turned off during your treatment.

Find out how to start renewing your life today, call and schedule your appointment.

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