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If you are constantly feeling run-down and tired, get sick frequently, or just don’t ever seem to have enough energy and enthusiasm to enjoy life to its fullest, you may be suffering from an overload of toxins and a weakened immune system. While our modern lives are full of more conveniences than ever before, we are also exposed to a variety of toxic materials through the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. With the revolutionary new HOCATT™ therapy, patients in the Houston area have a powerful way to strategically boost their wellness and vitality so they can start feeling like themselves again. The HOCATT system combines several holistic modalities that work in tandem to detoxify the body, improve circulation, boost energy, strengthen the immune system, and more.

What is HOCATT™ and how does it work?

HOCATT™ stands for Hyperthermic Ozone & Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology. It uses an advanced combination of modalities that are sequenced to gently but powerfully detoxify and restore the body at the cellular level, working on all major systems at one time.

The primary modality in HOCATT™ is Transdermal Ozone, which you can think of as super-charged oxygen that is flooded through your bloodstream, where it then binds to heavy metals and toxins so your body can more effectively eliminate them. Because sweat is one of the only natural pathways for toxins to be fully removed from the body, HOCATT™ also includes both far infrared heat and a steam sauna to help you sweat out those toxins. HOCATT™ also uses several other modalities, including CO2/Carbonic acid, ultraviolet irradiation, essential oils, frequency specific micronutrients, photon light & colors, and exercise with oxygen breathing, which all work together to synergistically:

  • Boost your immune system to help your body fight off infections

  • Ramp up your energy level

  • Aid in weight loss

  • Enhance the radiance of your skin and reduce the signs of aging

  • Stimulate your blood and lymph system for better circulation and detoxification

  • Enhance the production of hormones and enzymes by improving organ function

  • Reduce anxiety and stress

  • Enhance your quality of sleep

  • Improve digestion, including chronic digestive issues

  • Alleviate symptoms from chronic conditions such as respiratory issues, skin conditions, allergies, stiff or aching joints, headaches, and more

  • Enhance your athletic performance by strengthening joints and muscles, reducing swelling and inflammation, and boosting your endurance and stamina

While other treatments such as saunas, cryotherapy, autohemotherapy, and others can deliver fantastic results, they can only be used one at a time, which can be inefficient and costly. Part of what makes HOCATT™ so powerful is that it combines 10 modalities in one that work in harmony to provide even greater collective results, saving you precious time while you reap amazing benefits. In fact, HOCATT™ is seven times more effective at binding heavy metals and detoxifying the body than traditional saunas.

What to expect during your HOCATT™ therapy

One of the things patients love most about HOCATT™ is that each session is just 30 minutes, making it possible to fit HOCATT™ therapy into even the busiest of schedules. The number of sessions that are necessary to provide the most benefits varies by patient and desired results, but many patients can achieve great results with two to three sessions per week. Healthy patients who want to maintain their vitality can benefit from a couple of sessions per month.

We will provide you with instructions before your treatment so you can receive the maximum benefits from the therapy. When you arrive for your HOCATT™ session, we will guide you to a private changing room where you can change into a comfortable towel, and we will then assist you in getting comfortably seated in the height adjustable HOCATT™ chamber. We will place a nasal cannula around your neck so you can breathe in pure humidified oxygen to enhance your blood oxygen saturation during your therapy. After the door is closed, you can comfortably and privately open your towel. The HOCATT™ chamber will then flow through several cycles to comfortably detoxify your body at the cellular level while stress and tension melt away. We can adjust the heat level as needed for your comfort and can disable any modalities that you do not wish to use. We can even switch modalities off after your session is underway – just ask!

When your therapy is over, we encourage you to take 10 to 15 minutes to rest, relax, and drink 16 ounces of water before putting your clothes back on. Because ozone messengers will still be present on your skin after your therapy is complete, we do not recommend that you shower for two to seven hours afterwards so that you can reap the greatest benefits from your treatment. Taking 1000 mg of liposomal Vitamin C about one to two hours after your HOCATT™ session can help amplify the effects of the treatment, as can drinking about eight ounces of water every two hours while you are actively detoxifying after your HOCATT™ therapy.

Am I a good candidate?

You don’t need to be chronically ill or run-down to take advantage of HOCATT™. Athletes can amplify their athletic performance and health-minded people can get one step ahead in preventing disease and feeling their best. While HOCATT™ is a wonderful option for most people, it is not recommended during menstruation or the first three months of pregnancy; however, it is safe for women who are trying to conceive or who are breastfeeding. Some of the modalities have contraindications, so we will discuss your medical history in advance of your treatment to ensure your safety.

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